Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year, New Blog... Maybe.

So this is where it happens. Or rather... doesn't happen. Right here at the very beginning. I'm cruising along, picking out my templates, imagining my blogging glory (thousands of cyber fans, sponsors throwing themselves at my keyboard, topping every top ten list) then Bam! It happens again. I'm sure you're wondering by now - What?! What happens? I'll tell ya...


Nothing. Happens.

I sit and stare at the blank text box, willing a brilliant first blog post to pop into my noggin and fly out through my fingertips, immediately captivating millions with my dazzling wit. But nope. Nothing. You see, I have attempted to start a blog many (manymanymany) times, but I can never decide what the first post should be. Should I write as though I have always been here? Introduce myself? Perhaps post a crafty tutorial, savvy mommy advice, maybe a 'how to put a hotwheels car tire back on' instructable...

So I sit. And stare. And then I type. I delete, then type... then delete...then type some more. Then I delete every bit of it and go on about my daily non-blogging business. Until I can't stand it anymore and have to try again. Will this be the time I don't delete my entire post? Could it be I will actually publish it? I don't know, you tell me.

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